Monday, January 14, 2008

Leave Comments Here!

Thanks for the comments everyone! Check out the new post below this one... :) love Amey


Maria said...

Hi Amey, Just taking a moment to crawl out from under boxes in our beautiful new home (ever so close to Yoga Within!) to say how lovely it is to see and read your blog in the spare moments when we need a break from the delightful, tiring tasks of moving. We will be excited to learn new poses or, actually relearn the old ones since we have been very slack on yoga during this transition time. Looking forward and sending hugs, love and best wishes for a continued powerful learning journey, Maria (y Samuel

Mom said...

Love the video! Love the blog, and the pictures of the institute are great! I'm so glad you re-instituted the comment link.

To ease your reintegration to American culture, Jeremy and Jen are planning their Superbowl party on Feb. 3.


Anonymous said...

Yay I can post a comment! The pics of the institute were really interesting. I can't believe how crowded the room is just during the practice sessions I can't imagine how crunched in you are during class. What an experience! The ropes hanging from the ceiling are pretty cool. I LOVE the video of Abbey crossing the street. So sly walking behind the local...very smart. Just crossing the street is an adventure! Thank god there weren't any SUVs to contend with! Love, Carey

Sara said...

Amey, the video is sooooo funny - it really catches the flavor. I'm glad the time there is so satisfying.
Love, Sara

Matt Mustapick said...

Hey Fonz! What cute movie! I just got back from Ft. Bragg. Everyone there is doing very well. Can't wait to tell you about it. What time should I call you (India time)?

You're the best!

Anonymous said...

it seems like a great time i hope your taking good care of Jen ;<)

Mom again said...

Can't get enough of the street scene and kid shots!The blog is plenty gift enough from you .. I really appreciate the time and effort you're devoting to it, to help us share your adventure.

I've got a color print of the photo with you standing next to the elephant sculpture, that I've shown to many people recently ... a real hit!

Hope you're feeling better by the time you get this.

Lots o' love, Mom

Mamaslittles said...

Hi Amey! You are thriving, it seems, apart from your cold. Hope you are feeling better.

I feel like a virtual tourist with all your great photos. Enjoy! Enjoy! And take care. Kiana and Brandi send you kisses.


Megan said...

Hi Amey, I hope you're over your cold very soon. The four of us have been passing illnesses back and forth since Christmas - it's no fun being sick! I have been enjoying your blog tremendously. Thanks for taking the time to share your amazing and beautiful adventures with us all :)
love & good wishes,

ez4pres094 said...

Amey, thank you for your blog! I just read it from start to finish. I am a pal of Abbey's and am delighted to learn, thru you, some of what you're all experiencing together in India. The pictures (& needless to say , the video of abbey crossing the street) really help convey your experience. Many thanks.

Jo said...

Your blog is wonderful. Your openness to the new experiences is an inspiration to be more fearless and curious. I especially like your description of the classes, so different from ours in Aptos or here in Prescott, yet the underlying commonality of intense concentration, wonder at how our teachers see and know so much, and a real desire to hold on to all that new input long enough to internalize it. Take care, hug the kitty for me, and keep the wonderful words and pictures coming. Jo

Theresa said...

Hi to all -

This is my second attempt to leave a comment - I have never seen the first one show up. This is Theresa From Maya/Kofi's class, and the intensive. I love looking at what all of you are doing and learning about the way the Institute runs! You have inspired me! When you get back I will ask about how to sign up for myself. Want to come back? I am very happy for you all and wish you many more great experiences there. Theresa

Laura said...

Amey, I enjoy experiencing your journey through the wonders of blog! What an awesome place to be for learning so much. I went to my first mommy & baby yoga class last week. It felt so good to breathe and stretch again. Of course, the class is quite different with a 2 month old but she seemed to enjoy it. After 30 minutes, Natalie practiced an extended session of shivasanah (spelling?). Can't wait to see you upon your return. I will be in Santa Cruz mid-February! Also, thanks for the new recipes. Chris loves your pineapple coffee cake and roasted corn soup.