Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Travelling Companions

A few little pictures of my roomies and me!
This was the first time in an autorickshaw for both Abbey and Jen! So of course we had to document it. Jen has been to India once before, but was trekking (and not taking autorickshaws). Abbey is a brave first-time-to-India traveller and is doing a great job of keeping up with two people who have been here before!

The autorickshaws are so insanely fun. It is like being instantly catapaulted into a live-action video game - darting, speeding, weaving, maneuvering, honking, stopping & starting. I love it! It's also a nice chance to meet different characters, as each driver is a different experience - from the silent speedy one to the sweet older fellow with a beautiful smile, to the crazy one with loud music and a strong desire to practice his english. What fun.

In the kitchen of our apartment... this picture captures Abbey and Jen as they prepare for their first cup of real coffee in many days! The Ayurvedic retreat had all sorts of great food, but no caffeine. Not a problem for me, but these two coffee lovers were feeling it! So there was great merriment when we figured out how to light up our little gas stovetop and Abbey got out her special coffee from home.

Hope you are all well!


paula said...

I love your observations and insights and now PICTURES!!!!

Am reliving my experiences at the Institute 7 years ago and wishing I were there. Keep up the great posts!!

We used to guard each others props so they would'nt become community property. But, you've always been more generous than me!! : )

Please say hello to the girls and tell Abbie I used to drink Pune Nescafe!

Be well.

Love, Paula

CEC73 said...

Amey it looks like you are having so much fun. I am so stoked for you that you have the decadence of time to do lots of yoga. I love hearing about the details of the sights and sounds of India. Do you have a mailing address? Love you lots, Carey