Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pictures from the Kare Ayurvedic Retreat

Well, these are pictures from our first week ... but I wanted to get them up because we stayed at a very special place. We spent our first night in Mumbai/Bombay near the hotel and then went out and spent two nights/three days at an Ayurvedic Retreat about 1 hour outside of Pune. Pune is a giant city, full of smog and traffic, but this retreat was like an oasis of calm. Gardens, trees, birds chirping, a glorious view of the lake... We had two "treatments" per day - different types of massage, herbal facials, and the wonderful oil treatment where a steady stream of oil is poured on your forehead from a vessel suspended above you. I know it might not sound so great, but believe me when I tell you that it was amazingly relaxing. It sent tingles of relaxation all through my body. So nice after all the fuss of travelling (20 hours in the air + 4 hour layover + travel time!).
This is our group! From the left: Jen, Holly, Me, Abbey, and Mary. Holly and Mary have both recently moved away from Santa Cruz, but we are all Kofi students. Holly and Mary are staying closer to town, in a nice hotel... and Jen and Abbey and I are at an apartment near the Institute. In this picture, however, we are all blissed out and relaxing on one of the many shaded patios at the Ayurvedic Retreat.
This was the view from the front door to my room. We each had our own private room & shower, which was quite nice. I took this picture at about 6:45 am, as I was headed up for my morning yoga practice. We had 2 hours in the morning and again 2 in the evening for practice. It feels so decadent and glorious to have so much time set aside for yoga. Ah....
I had fun doing some drawings while there, and I took this picture with the auto-timer on the camera... just so you can see that I am still alive and well!


Sara said...

Hi Amey,
Personal growth is not decadent when you give back to your community. It is essential to the growth of all of us to have teachers and leaders with wisdom and skills to share.

And you do share, and I thank you for the solid practice that you are developing.

Much love and appreciation. Sara

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