Monday, January 21, 2008

Join Me For A Rickshaw Ride

Hi Everyone!
Well! I guess time flies! We have just a few days left in India, but I have about 4 more blog entries lined up and waiting to be published... I'd better get to work!

Here's another fun video for you. This is a video of a rickshaw ride... it's not the crazed, death-defying type of rickshaw drive that we often experience, but rather more of a leisurely stroll through the streets of Pune. I'm not sure how the audio quality will be, but in case it's audible, please pardon the exclamations of my friends in the rickshaw. Soon after I turned on the camera, we drove through a red light district. For better or for worse, I was on the wrong side of the rickshaw to document any of the ladies in their short skirts and make up, but my pals in the rickshaw are discussing it all with great shock and amazement.

Hope you enjoy it!