Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beauty Shots!

these pictures aren't necessarily very evocative of my trip, but they are some of the more beautiful pictures I've taken. I have a lot more pictures to share, but uploading is turning out to be quite a difficult procedure. the internet cafes are very funky here (not that I'm complaining!) - for instance the right shift key of this computer is busted, and I've decided just to ignore it. Ha ha! Tomorrow we have a very full day - class, practice, and a trip to see some 2000 year old buddhist cave temples in the afternoon. I also took some nice pictures of the practice space where we have classes, which I would like to share. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics up soon.

Here is a beautiful lotus blossom...

can you tell what these are? it's a scene from a bangle stall - selling the ubiquitous bangle bracelets that all the Indian girls and women wear. Pretty much from infancy! I loved all the colors...

this is a large bowl of water with flowers arranged on the surface. such a beautiful way of presenting flowers, which we also saw often last time we were in india.
this is from the ayurvedic retreat. -it's a picture of Nandi, shiva's bull. I love how it looks with the lake in the background.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are gorgious! What beautiful colors! Can't wait to see more. Love, Carey