Saturday, January 12, 2008

Odds n Ends

Thanks for the comments everyone! I have this post, and then one more that will have no comment option, and then after that it'll be a thing of the past!

Here are few nice pictures from the last week or so... to capture some of what we've been up to (beside all that yoga!) This is a sweet picture of Jen snuggling with our little kitty. This little kitten is SO insanely sweet and snuggly.She just loves nothing more than to curl up on someone's lap and fall asleep. Really, it's pretty freaking cute. I've got a bit of a cold (cough cough!), so I stayed home the other night, watched some Indian TV (and an episode of Seinfeld, I must admit), and snuggled the kitty. You can see how sweet she is. Jen is pretty sweet too! That piece of furniture, by the way, is about the coziest thing in our living room, unfortunately... So we usually each end up retreating to our bedrooms so that we can lay down on something cozy.

Now I'm trying to find a home for kitty here in Pune... someone who will really love her and snuggle her. Unlikely, but worth the effort. I'm getting the word out to everyone who is staying with a family...

Here's a picture of Laxmi Road... my super favoritist shopping zone in Pune. It's a crazy zone of busy streets and narrow alley ways selling just about EVERYTHING - kitchen supplies, car mats, fabric, clothing, shoes, trinkets, toys... oh man, it is so fun. We have done a few shopping expeditions, but I'll warn you right now - Jen and Abbey's friends are getting better gifts than my loved ones! When push comes to shove, I'm just not much of a shopper. And somehow, I'm never tempted by the nice high-end stuff. They spend time looking at nice shirts and fabrics and such, while I"m off poking around in the plastic sticker stall. Ha! So lowbrow. I guess this blog will have to be my gift to you!

I also really love this picture! Recently a few of us went for a little walk down by the river in Pune and met a few very sweet little kiddos. They were really into having their picture taken. They have all learned about digital cameras, and so they love to have their picture taken, so that they can see it on the screen right after. Well, here's what I figured out: they would stand there, straight faced for the picture, and then squeal with delight (and glorious smiles) when they saw their picture. They're cuter when they look at their own picture than when they have their picture taken! So, a few days later, when Jen was taking pictures of these cuties, I whipped out my camera to capture the magical moment of glee. I must say, these kids were especially smiley and wonderful. The kids in India are so special - big open smiles and faces, and easy to befriend even across the language barrier.

Love to you all!