Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Everyday Scenes

My dad specially requested some everyday scenes from our daily activities here... (Hi Daddy!), so of course I had to oblige. My roommate says "Your family is so spoiled"! :) hee hee this is a cute picture of some little boys hanging out at the construction site across the street from the Yoga Institute. One of the things that I absolutely love about India, is that everywhere you look there's something going on - kids, animals, traffic, birds, men hanging out, women bustling about... it's such a swirl of activity! These little fellows were just watching all the traffic go by, and the general roar of activity.

Here's another view from our apartment, this was taken from the living room window. The community behind us is truly bustling at ALL hours of day and night. The funniest thing is the loud, rockin' prayer song that they blast over a loudspeaker each morning at 6 am. Thank god for ear plugs! I usually manage to sleep through it. This afternoon, Jen (one of my roommates) and I were chatting in my bedroom and we could hardly hear each other through the constant din of squealing wild pigs and the bleating herd of goats that live right across from my room. Ha ha! We started laughing that it was like living at the farm!

One thing my dad was wondering about was the food we eat and where we buy it. Most of you know that I'm blogging separately about the food we're eating over on my vegan blog: http://veganeatsandtreats.blogspot.com . But I thought I would include this picture. This is the sort of place where we buy most of our fruit and produce... These carts, or sidewalk displays, are out in the morning and at night, when the weather is cooler. Most things are closed, or quite subdued anyway, from about 12 - 4. Here's the rule for safe eating in India, called "The 4 P's": Peelable, Packaged, Processed, or Piping hot. I must say, we see some great looking fruit that is very tempting, but so far, we've mostly stuck to bananas and some sort of oranges. The baby bananas are everywhere and are especially fun since they're a bit different from home.

This is the street we live on, which is also the same street that the Iyengar Institute is located on. We are about a 5-minute walk to class, if that. As you can see, it's actually very green, very clean, and very calm. Compared to most parts of the city, this street is quite an oasis. At first we worried a bit about being removed from the action... but we've certainly come around! A quick rickshaw ride will get you all sorts of good places.

Next up, my mom's request of pictures of the Yoga Institute!