Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Faces of Pune

A little while back, Barry left a comment on my blog encouraging me to ask people if I could take their picture, and not to be too shy. Thanks Barry! I've taken his advice to heart, and have started asking more folks if I can snap a picture. So far, I have a 100% success rate! :) So, here are a few recent friendly faces I've met...

First up is Mr Iyengar himself, who is affectionately and respectfully called "Guruji." I took this picture at the annual celebration last weekend.

This friendly kiddo helped me buy a bag from his family's bag stand. He spoke a little English, unlike his grandma, and helped me get just the one I wanted. I love his bright eyes and the warm incandescent lighting of night-time-in-India.

Walking down a street near our house, we saw all sorts of craftspeople and merchants at work - repairing bikes, selling baked treats, and this guy was making big metal storage bins for grains. He would turn the bar to the right, causing the wheel to stamp down and crimp a sheet of steel, and then turn the sheet, crimp the next side, and so on. I loved the blue room with the shiny sheets of steel, and the mustardy yellow cast iron machines... plus, his sweet smile.

His buddy wanted a picture of us with his cell phone, so I returned the favor. He was so smiley, but wanted to be serious for his photo moment. I find that happens a lot... We Americans are always so smiley in pictures, but actually, his more pensive look makes for quite an interesting little moment. In the background you can see the lid-less storage bins they are making.

Further down the street, Jane spotted a big loom out in the street, with a partially finished rag rug. We hung out and were admiring it, when this guy emerged. He let us take a picture of him weaving, and then we noticed a big beautiful rug hanging nearby. After an amazing gathering of every person on the entire street, the rug was purchased and Jane was glowing with happiness. Nonetheless, she tried to repress her joy and pose Indian-style with a straight face for this picture. You can see she was only partially successful! :)

Still further down the street, we passed this amazing dark blue wall and I couldn't resist a photo op. Now Jane could let her rag-rug-smile shine!

And here's me in my bright Indian colors!

Last but not least... Last time I gave you a picture of Miss Mama Cookie, she was foraging through trash in an empty lot. Since then, I snapped this most adorable picture of her, and you can see why I love her so much. She is very petite, smaller that you would think from looking at this picture, and so gentle. Last night I found her in this same spot with her one remaining puppy, who is getting pretty big, and is very very very cute. The two of them are really a heart-melting duo. I had dreams about them all night long. Long Live Mama Cookie!

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Mom said...

Fabulous photos -- of you, Jane, guruji, and the people/animals you've come across in your wanderings. Whoever advised you to do this was right on. Can't have too many faces!