Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to my travel blog!

Hello friends!
I'll be taking off on December 26th, early in the morning. I'm flying alone and then meeting up with some friends once we are all arrived in Bombay (aka Mumbai). We'll spend our first week in India adjusting. A few days at an ayurvedic spa (sounds nice!), and then we'll head over to our final destination - a city called Pune. We'll get the lay of the land, figure out where the Iyengar Yoga Institute is, and such. We start classes (and move into our apartment) on January 1st. So, be sure to check back and read about all my yoga adventures. Here's to five weeks of gastrointestinal harmony!

:) Amey


Mamaslittles said...

Hi Amey!

I'm so excited for you! Wishing you lots of luck, patience and relaxation on your big adventure.

I'll be checking in here while you are away :-)

Shai, Geraldine, Kiana & BrandiWine

jessica said...

oh good luck, sounds like a great trip.

Orca said...

Amey! Hope your trip over was all smooth & even beautiful. Sara arrived home yesterday. A joyful reunion! Her flight had followed the sunset all the way from England. Wow! She took such beautiful photos--seas of cloud tops, a pure dark blue sky with a band of red orange on the rim of the earth, San Francisco and the bay in the late afternoon light. Now we're by the fire--I love my new squirrel cup :). Wishing you a fun rendezvous and health filled spa adventure. xx & love, Laura

cynthiamathews said...

Oh Amey. I can't WAIT for the first real installment!

As you probably heard from Musty, we had a great time with Christopher at "Walking With Dinosaurs." It was a really amazing production, and got CW's highest praise ... " SWEEEET!"

We started the afternoon by dropping by to see Jeremy at Rainmaker ... fun to see him in his element there. And after the show we stopped at Santa Cruz Diner for dinner. What a day!

Lots of love,

Sara said...

Amey! So looking forward reading the first real entry.
Have fun there. I am soooo jealous!


LivEliza said...

Hi Amey - I am checking every hour or so . . .eager to see your first blog - I got hooked tracking Sara's adventures, and am now stoked for yours!
Our advent calendar is fully opened and reminding us of you every day. . . and the Amey cookbook arrived (thanks Cynth!) in the mail today.
Hugs and kisses - Eliza

jjtwh said...

Alright lady! Your bloggy fans eagerly await your posts. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to 2008 in India....xoxo JJTWH

cynthiamathews said...

actually from Christopher:

Hi Amey. I hope you can do yoga in my third grade class. I hope you are having lots of fun in India.

Love, Chris

Donald said...

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